“Les Taupes qui boivent du lait” is a festive brass band hailing from Bruxelles, Belgium. This band plays klezmer and central european folk music in an innovative and festive way.


The band was born in 2007 and began playing at the puppet cabarets of “Boîte à Clous”, they then moved on to playing in public places, block parties, squats, and weddings, and finally in festivals and venues all over Belgium and abroad.

In 2012 they released their first album, recorded live in Portugal.

Ambulatory or on stage, the show of “Les Taupes qui boivent du lait” can be presented in one or multiple sets.


  • Stan Bourguignon (bass drum)
  • François Chamaraux (accordion)
  • Lisa Charron (flute)
  • David Davoine (trombone)
  • Samuel De Backer (clarinet)
  • Pierre de Bellefroid (trombone)
  • Fanny Dumoulin (accordion)
  • Rémi Hache (percussions)
  • Olivier Jourdain (snare)
  • Benoit Randaxhe (sousaphone)
  • Manu Saavedra De Bast (tuba)
  • Rebecca Samos (trompette)
  • Pierre Van Eerdewegh (clarinet, sax)
  • Jonathan Van Iseghem (banjo)

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  • embarquement immédiat 2019
    Brussels, Belgium
    Sunday 15 September 2019
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