Les Taupes qui boivent du lait is a festive brass band from Bruxelles, Belgium, playing klezmer and central european folk music in an innovative and festive way.


Without complexes, the band adapts to all situations to deliver their explosive set. It's full of movement, often funny and always dancing.

The fruit of a rich collaboration between musicians from all walks of life, the band started performing in 2006 in public squares, neighbourhood parties, squats, weddings and Belgian and international festivals. The adventure continues near you!


  • Stan Bourguignon (bass drum)
  • François Chamaraux (accordion)
  • Lisa Charron (flute)
  • David Davoine (trombone)
  • Samuel De Backer (clarinet)
  • Pierre de Bellefroid (trombone)
  • Rémi Hache (percussions)
  • Olivier Jourdain (snare)
  • Benoit Randaxhe (sousaphone)
  • Rebecca Samos (trompette)
  • Manuel Saavedra De Bast (tuba)
  • Pierre Van Eerdewegh (clarinet, sax)
  • Jonathan Van Iseghem (banjo)

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